Expert data collectors

LaZerCAD™ is a worldwide solution provider of accurate as-built services, including documentation and high resolution 360 photographs to architects, facility teams and construction professionals. With over 500 experienced survey teams, LaZerCAD™ delivers a streamlined flow of accurate building information to corporate clients across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.


Scope of work

An architectural as-built survey is only one part of the solution we offer, below are some as-built services scope options that can be undertaken as part of the full survey.

  • Reflected Ceiling

  • Internal Elevations

  • External Elevations

  • Sections

  • Door Schedule

  • Window Schedule

  • Furniture

  • Plumbing

  • Utilities

  • Electrical Data

  • Lighting

  • Security Plan

  • Fire Protection

  • ADA Survey

  • Asset Inventory

  • Photo Survey

  • Roof Plan

  • Occupancy

  • Site Plan

  • Asset Tagging

  • Parking Lot


Ask us about our BOMA, ADA and REVIT Services


Take our as-built survey for a test drive


A LaZerCAD example as-built survey.

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  • 200+ Sites
  • Reduced Scope Walks
  • Reduced Remodel Timeline

  • 40+ Sites
  • Reduced Scope Walks
  • Reduced Remodel Timeline
  • Ease of Access to Shared Data

  • 40+ Sites
  • Ease of Access to Shared Data
  • Reduced Remodel Timeline
  • Reduced Scope Walks