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Why send your team to all of your sites?
When we can bring all of your sites to your team.

Real-time data collection in the cloud allows the entire project team to integrate early on in the project, empowering them to make educated decisions based on accurate information directly from the field. Your team collaborates from their place of work accessing any location online via PC, MAC, or mobile device.

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Sass and Less support

Our unique cloud solution

This data deployment solution that allows architects, facility managers and vendors alike, to store and view their As Built Surveys, Construction Documents and 360º Photographs online.

This Solution gives your team the ability to:

  • Have access to all of your properties worldwide.
  • View the condition of the millwork, carpet, furniture and décor.
  • Inspect the serial number on mechanical units by our 360 photos.
  • Check your property for ADA access and parking requirements.
  • Measure any space, door or window accurately.
  • Do all this from any device.
Sass and Less support

Your company branded interface

LaZerCAD™ customizes and brands the cloud giving your team access to as-builts, construction docs and 360º photographs online in a user friendly environment.

Benefits for your team:

  • 24hr access to your CAD drawings and 360º photographs.
  • Search by city, state, project, program and status.
  • Data stored on secure dedicated US and UK servers.
  • Mirrored servers with full backup.
  • Scope walk any building online 24/7.
  • Full control of your vendor and supplier login.
  • Free to any LaZerCAD™ client.