Integrated project delivery (IPD)

A collaborative alliance of people, systems, business structures and practices

By collaborating with all the project stakeholders prior to deployment to site, the LaZerCAD™ team collect the data required by ALL, saving many separate site visits by vendors and project managers. Accurate data deployed online in the cloud, usually within 48 hours of the surveyor hitting a site, ensures all the stakeholders collaborate and are empowered to make better decisions ahead of time, dramatically reducing change orders in the field at a later date.


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Your buildings

The LaZerCAD™ network of surveyors are located in all the major US metro areas with the ability to accurately collect critical information about your buildings. LaZerCAD™ then deploys to your team quickly via the AsBuiltCloud™ bringing all your buildings to the fingertips of your facility, architectural and visual merchandising teams.

Your buildings accessed gloablly.

Your cloud

The AsBuiltCloud™ is the way your team will access all the building information from the field – no more emailed zip files, hard to use FTP servers or expensive Cloud “Box” subscriptions. You have full control of Your Cloud, your users and access to your data. AsBuiltCloud™ is the system that brings together an alliance of your designers, vendors and key team members allowing them to collaborate together on key remodel or acquisition projects.


Your team

Why fly “Your Team” to all of your sites when LaZerCAD™ can bring all of your sites to “Your Team”, this practice allows “Your Team” to collaborate from their place of work saving the cost of travel. Real-time data collected from site and stored in the cloud allows your entire project team to integrate early on in the project, empowering them to make educated decisions based on accurate information directly from the field.

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