Our investment in the latest technology

LaZerCAD™ is continually researching and investing in the latest technology. Our survey teams have their kit updated to the fastest most effective hardware every 12 months. Software updates for the survey team and our cloud based solution come every 6 months due to client feedback and the ongoing commitment to invest in technology by the CEO and executive team.




Realtime as-builts – LaZer2CAD™

Utilizing handheld Class One lasers linked to a tablet or PC, our team can measure and draw any property or space generating either an AutoCAD (DWG) or Revit file in realtime. The Class One laser measuring devices are mounted to a Monopod and are operated via Bluetooth from the tablet, this ensures that the survey team can reach all areas without a ladder or lift equipment and do not interfere with day-to-day operations.

Every single laser dimension taken is recorded within the DWG file on a hidden layer allowing our in house QA team to verify not only the accuracy of the data, but the method the survey team used.





A 360º photographic window – 360º cameras

The latest 360º camera technology that LaZerCAD™ uses allows our Surveyors to shoot, stitch and object link the 360º photographs directly to the survey plans. The cameras are very small and unobtrusive, this is critical when working in a public retail environment.The file size of the 360º images taken are far less than those taken with a regular 2-D camera, this allows fast access and viewing from our cloud based solution.



AsBuilt’s via the cloud – AsBuiltCloud™

Our dedicated servers both in the US and Europe housed in secure data centers with a 30 day runtime in the event of a world disaster. We upgrade the hardware yearly and software weekly. Qualys SSL Labs gave our servers an “A” rating. View our SSL Server Test Score here.

Our AsBuiltCloud™ solution is how LaZerCAD™ delivers your buildings to your team worldwide. Our cloud based solution has been written in house by our dedicated software development team and is updated regularly based on client feedback.