Welcome To LaZerCAD™ 2.0!

A new look, a few new faces and continued growth.

It’s been a good ride so far and we’ve only just started!

We have redesigned our website and wanted to take on a fresh style and look that goes hand in hand with the continual growth and upgrades to our technologies and offerings.

As the look and feel of LaZerCAD™ is evolving the quality of our As-Built Data Collection services continues to evolve as well.

In fact, the most important parts of our ‘evolution’ are the front of the house changes we are doing with our services, growth and quality of our surveyor network, our partnerships, and also on our AsBuiltCloud™ Integrated Product Delivery system – IPD for short.

All these enhancements & investments are based on feedback from our clients with how they use the data we collect. Based on their input, we have upgraded our full suite- from the survey deliverables, the 360 photography, to our AsBuiltCloud™ services, allowing us to give our clients the best survey services offered in the marketplace.

Please take a look through the new website and we’d like to hear your feedback!

Also, if you give us a call we’re happy to share with you how we help our clients reduce design timelines and site walks, aggregate their data for ease-of-use, save them time and money….and how we can do the same for your company.

So, welcome to the next phase of LaZerCAD™ …we’re glad you’re here!